About Our Writers


Beverly Shaw

All about the Palace Theatre

I’m Beverly Shaw & I’ve been invited to be your liaison with The Palace Theater. Ed & I built our home in The Gardens 12 years ago. We expected to live in a vibrant RV community but have been pleasantly surprised with the great entertainment available in Crossville. The Palace Theater, 72 S. Main St., is an historic movie theater with its first showing in November 1938. The exterior is Crab Orchard Stone & the building design is Art Deco & Moderne. It is a multi-use community auditorium seating 300 hosting concerts of jazz, blues, country, gospel, pageants & school concerts. In 2018, there were 294 events held there. I’m pleased to provide The Gardens community with a schedule of upcoming events.

More on the Palace Theater can be found at: http://www.palacetheatre-crossville.com/


Chris Wurtenberger

All about the Cumberland Playhouse

Ken and I have been Gardens residents since the beginning of 2014, so happy to be part of this growing, friendly RV neighborhood. And I feel it’s ‘the icing on the cake’ to live here in the Gardens and have The Cumberland County Playhouse so close to us. I am a volunteer at the Cumberland County Playhouse (“CCP”), along with several other Gardens residents. I started volunteering at CCP as an Usher about three years ago because I love going to Playhouse performances and wanted to do a small part to help keep Community Theater alive, especially here.

For those not familiar with the Playhouse, it houses two indoor theaters, the 500 seat Mainstage auditorium and the 250 seat, more intimate Adventure Theater, plus two outdoor theaters. It opened in 1965, when Crossville had a population of only 5,000, and is now one of the 10 largest professional rural theaters in America.  As our Playhouse article contributor, I look forward to providing you information on current and upcoming plays and concerts, as well as some other related interesting features along the way.

More on the Cumberland County Playhouse can be found at: http://www.ccplayhouse.com/


Lynn Fitts

Community Donation/Outreach Program

Jimmy and I moved to Crossville in 2005 where our daughter and son-in-law are educators. 
We quickly learned of the issues many teachers face every day with the needs of their students and classrooms.  We began making our own donations to individual schools and at the time The Gardens’ residents were making donations to a variety of places.  When we went for a time with no focus on the community, I approached the Cumberland County School Board and they welcomed our involvement with them.  This Board services 10 elementary and 3 high schools in the county which exactly fits our objectives: 
Education of children for a brighter future for themselves, their families and our country.