Governing Documents

The community is located within the Crossville, Tennessee city limits and must comply with all laws and regulations that apply to that jurisdiction. Crossville, TN Code of Ordinances can be found here. That said, in order to maintain  The Gardens RV Village in the manner that its members have chosen,  additional documents govern those areas not covered by the city's laws and regulations.  All Homeowners Association Members are governed by the DECLARATION OF COVENANTS, AND RESTRICTIONS (DCR); BYLAWS; and BOARD APPROVED POLICIES.  

If you are considering a move  to this community, please read these documents carefully.  We try to have just enough rules to keep the community well-maintained and viable without placing an undue burden on the Association members.

Please note: The Representative DCR below combines the current DCRs of all phases into a single document. Members can find the original and amended documents archived in the Members only section, Governing Documents.

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