Online Voting (Apr 7 to May 4)

The HOA has moved to an online voting platform. 

Soon after voting has begun, you should have received an email, providing you with details of the vote. We have found in the past, that votes have been getting caught in spam folders or filters (Particularly with providers like or To help prevent this, add the email address: [email protected] to your contact list. This is the email address used to send your vote.  

If you have unsubscribed to the services in the past, you will need to provide a different email address, if you wish to participate in the current election. We cannot undo your previous choice to unsubscribe.

If you have been given access key, via the request below, click on this link to enter it and cast your vote:

If you need to update your email address or obtain an access key, please fill in the form below.